The Best Universities for Native Americans

While the United States is full of universities, many Native American students are more interested in attended a tribal college. These universities are unique in that they are operated and controlled by Native American tribes.

There are currently 32 tribal universities in the US that have full accreditation. Any student interested in going to one of these schools will find that they have a lot of options available to them. In total, students can obtain one of 40 difference bachelor’s degrees and 5 different master’s degrees from these schools. There are also 181 different associate degree programs.

Some of these schools are quite prestigious. Some of them have won awards or received special recognition. For example, Navajo Technical College was named one of the best community colleges in the United States. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is another Native American school that has received high amounts of praise.

Any student considering attending one of these universities will want to take a look at what their options are. These schools can’t be found in every state, so students may have to travel in order to attend them. However, to many students, the benefits of going to a school like this completely outweigh the drawbacks.

Students will also have to consider whether the universities in their area offer the kind of programs they are looking for. 23 of the accredited schools in the US are community or technical colleges, which may not appeal to every prospective student.

With that said, the options that students have are increasing every year. In addition, many students love having the opportunity to be surrounded by so many other students of Native American descent. These schools offer a sense of community that many students won’t be able to find at a traditional college.

These schools are working to provide students with the education they need, while allowing them to maintain connected to their culture in history. A number of students have said that they gained a better understanding of their culture after attending one of these schools.

For students who have grown up on a reservation, a school like this may be a much better fit than a traditional college. Some students experience culture shock when attending a big name state school. Any student who isn’t sure about what they want in their future should evaluate some of the tribal colleges out there.

Every year, more Native American students are opting to attend tribal colleges. Enrollment rates are growing each year, and they should only rise higher in the future. As enrollment increases, these schools will be able to offer even more opportunities to students. There will be more programs to choose from, and students will be able to find a school that they will love.

The best universities for Native Americans may not be ivy league or state schools. Instead, they may be tribal colleges. Any first nations student should make sure that they take these schools into consideration before applying for other schools.

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